UN recognizes Sheikh Hasina’s initiative for community clinic: Hasan

UN recognizes Sheikh Hasina’s initiative for community clinic: Hasan. Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s brainchild ‘community clinic’ system has been adopted unanimously as a resolution with the titled “The Sheikh Hasina Initiative” at the UN.

“It proves that today the United Nations also lauds Sheikh Hasina and her style of running the government and recognizes her works for the people,” he said while exchanging views with journalists on contemporary issues at the ministry conference room at secretariat here.

Bangalee got independent nation state due to Bangabandhu: Hasan

Hasan, also Awami League joint general secretary, said when the proposal ‘Sheikh Hasina Initiative’ was adopted at the United Nations (UN) on May 16 (it was May 17 in Bangladesh) which is coincidently Homecoming Day of Sheikh Hasina.

UN recognizes Sheikh Hasina’s initiative for community clinic: Hasan

He said 71 countries co-sponsored the proposal with Bangladesh which has been adopted unanimously at the UN.

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Asked about BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s comment that a storm appears in the political arena likewise ‘Mocha’, the minister said when the people remained panicked and anxious about security of life due to approaching severe cyclonic storm Mocha, Mirza Fakhrul compared it with politics and mocked over the cyclone without thinking about how to stand by the people or minimize the damages.

Such thing doesn’t suit a politician, he mentioned.About BNP’s movement, Hasan said earlier BNP held programme of ‘walking’ (road march) and now they are saying they will hold rallies as well as road march.”BNP will begin walking. Let them walk. It’s good if they walk,” he said.

About ensuring security of foreign diplomats, the minister said security is provided to all diplomats.But then the activities of militants had increased, some diplomats were given additional security, he said.”Our government has been able to curb the militants successfully. We have been able to show much more capability in curbing militants than many developed countries,” he said.


Bangalee got independent nation state due to Bangabandhu: Hasan


Since the independence of Bangladesh, such additional security was not given to diplomats, he said.”When the militant acts had increased, additional security was given to some diplomats. But, this is not required now. So it has been withdrawn. But providing security to them has been kept continued,” he said.

Moreover, the home minister made it clear that if anyone seeks additional security to the government and bears required cost, they will be given it.And, there is no matter of relations with any countries in terms of providing security as it is a routine work, he said.

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