Roche to pay $7.1 bn for Telavant Holdings

Roche to pay $7.1 bn for Telavant Holdings.Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche said Monday it will pay $7.1 billion to buy Telavant ‘Holdings, a group developing new treatments for inflammatory bowel diseases.

The company is currently owned by British laboratory Roivant and American pharma giant Pfizer.

Roche to pay $7.1 bn for Telavant Holdings

The agreement includes the “development, manufacturing and commercialisation rights in the US and Japan” for the antibody RVT-3101, used for treating people suffering with inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Roche to pay $7.1 bn for Telavant Holdings

The antibody is currently undergoing clinical trials.Under the deal, Roche will pay a purchase price of $7.1 billion upfront and a near-term milestone payment of $150 million.

Roche said the antibody also has “potential to be applied in multiple other’ diseases” and it wants to make it available to patients “as quickly as possible”.

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“We strongly believe this novel TL1A directed antibody has the transformational potential to make a significant difference for patients living with inflammatory bowel disease and potentially other diseases,” said Thomas Schinecker, CEO of Roche.

Roche to pay $7.1 bn for Telavant Holdings

Telavant was created last year by Roivant — which holds 75 percent of the shares — and Pfizer, which owns 25 percent.

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