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BNP will get permission if they promise not to create anarchy: Kamal

BNP will get permission to hold a rally on October 28 if they promise not to be engaged in anarchy.“If the BNP promises not to engage in anarchy and terrorist activities in the name of a rally on October 28, they will be allowed to hold a rally,” he said.

Addressing a rally on the occasion of the opening ceremony of veteran freedom fighter Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal Complex Library and Madhubagh ground at Moghbazar in the city, Kamal said, “I think the Police Commissioner will review their promises and thus give permission.”

BNP will get permission if they promise not to create anarchy: Kamal

He said that people have been talking a lot about the October 28 rally, adding, “I think BNP will hold a rally peacefully.”The home minister said that the BNP has lost public support, as militancy as well as terrorism emerged during their regime.


 “People of this country never like terrorism and militancy. They want to see a progressive Bangladesh. They (people) don’t want to go back. People of this country will never trust and believe them (BNP),” he added.


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 Kamal said that the country is moving forward unprecedentedly under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.“But the BNP is trying to hatch conspiracies to stop the trend of development works. Sometimes, they hold a rally, sometimes they hold a sit-in programme at the entrance of Dhaka city,” he said.

 The government does not create any barrier to their democratic movement, the home minster said, adding, “If the people want, they can come back to power. That’s why they have to go to the people and come to the elections.”


 “But they do not do that, rather they are threating to stop Dhaka. If they can come to power after apologizing to the people, we will gladly hand over power to them.”

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