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Thank you for your interest to know about us. We are G Live (formally known as Gurukul Live), a public media. The journey started as a campus media for students, which was later given a unique look. Now it is managed independently. The address of our previous website was Activities are currently being conducted through this website [ ].

News headlines, reports, analysis, sports, entertainment, jobs, politics and all related news, opinions and articles are published. In addition, regular activities are going on through our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Please contact us if you have any complaints about our published data. Immediate action will be taken. Kind Regards, Editor, Gurukul Live


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If you are familiar with the content of Gurukul Online Learning Network, you must know that GOLN has created different Gurukuls or organizations for different industries or sectors. The main purpose behind this is – only those who are interested in a particular subject can be associated with that organization. As well as unnecessary information so as not to distract them.

GOLN believes in living, integrated learning. That is, education is not one-sided. It is not that teachers will always teach only, and students will only learn. Rather education needs to be such that where both the teacher and the student will learn, education will be further enhanced by the combined intelligence of both. GOLN believes in showing the way, rather than taking the student on the road. The road by which the student will reach his destination by himself.

GOLN is more about encouraging and motivating the student so that the student finds his own way. GOLN believes that an educated person will be completely independent in his world of thought. GOLN works for that freedom.

GOLN’s mission is to create an educated, skilled, hardworking, tasteful and humane generation. GOLN believes that the 4th Industrial Revolution needs to continue the effort to create such a generation to keep society fit for humanity. All of us who work in this mission of Gurukul are living people of flesh and blood. So our mistake is not unexpected. If you please find that mistake, we are happy to correct it. We consider the one who criticizes us constructively to be our most benevolent. So you can let us know your opinion, complaint without any hesitation.

GOLN has made extensive use of the writings, books, or publications of many celebrities to create educational materials. It has been done in the interest of education of the next generation. However, if anyone has any objection in this regard, we request you to let us know immediately. If a person does not want to use his work through education, it will be removed immediately.

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